What type surface is best for the stickers?
Stickers can be applied to any surface such as walls, windows, fridge, furniture... Surfaces must be smooth and clean. Walls must be dust and residue free. Gloss and satin finished paint surfaces are best. The stickers may not adhere correctly to some matt paints. Windows and other objects must be perfectly clean.

Will wall decals adhere to all paint types?
The wall decals sticks very well to matt and satin paints. More intricate patterns may not stick to semi- or high gloss paints.

Are your stickers water-resistant? Can they be used, for example, on shower tiles?
YES, our stickers are water resistant and perfect for bathrooms. If you want to use them on tiles you must consider the size of the sticker in relation to the tile… If the sticker overlaps the edge of the tile, water can seep in and lift the sticker from the tile.

Can I re-use the stickers after I remove them?
NO, due to the quality of the material used decals they cannot be removed then used again. Removing the decals from the wall should not be a problem; they can also be stored for long periods of time before using them, so long as they are protected from humidity and sunlight.

Can the sticker be easily removed and will it leave a clean wall?
It’s difficult to give a definitive answer for all surface types and without knowing how long the sticker has been affixed to it… If you are concerned about residue on your wall, we suggest you apply our stickers to a window, a mirror, or a fridge, for example… that way you can be assured of a safe removal.

I want to customize my wallpaper with your stickers… Will this work?
YES, you can stick our products to shiny or matt wallpaper, even paper with some texture … The only problem you may encounter is that some of the paper comes off with the sticker when you remove it…

How do I remove the stickers from painted walls, glass or mirrors, painted furniture?
To remove the stickers you can use a hair-dryer to warm up and reactivate the glue, then carefully peel it away. After removing the sticker you can clean up slick surfaces like glass, metal (i.e. fridges, washing machines), and non-porous tile with methylated spirits… The way the sticker reacts with non-slick surfaces is a little harder to anticipate; depending on variables like how long the sticker was attached, and the nature of surface to which it was applied...

It seems easy to apply, but I am a little nervous about doing it myself…
You apply our stickers as you would a normal sticker, by simply removing the protective paper backing and pressing it against your surface. The mounting instructions supplied with each sticker are also available on the web site. For the mounted photos you just remove the backing on the double-sided scotch tape, place it where you want it, and affix it to the wall…

Shipping & ordering

What are the delay getting my order?
We are working under order, that allow you to choose the color and sizes. But it means we have no stock, so when your order a sticker, we need to produce it, and so on, it takes some time. Usually, to produce, pack and send a sticker, it takes around 10 to 14 days. Think of it if you order a item for gift...

What is the shipping rate?
It depends on your country, for more detailed information, please check our post-costs and options page. We ask you a participation (for exemple, it cost 16 euros to send in Europe but we ask only 8). Package are send registered.


What payment method do you offer?
Online payments are processed by PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account. When you checkout items on our website, you can either :

1) Pay using your PayPal account, OR
2) Pay by credit card without logging into/signing-up with PayPal. Just follow the “Don’t have a PayPal account” link.

If you do not want to pay using PayPal, please send your detailed order by email. We will then send you a completed order form and the information required to pay by bank transfer.

Do you have a privacy policy?
Yes. Unless required to do so by law, we will never share your personal information with third parties.

Please note, as all online payments are processed by PayPal, we do not know, and cannot retain any information relating to the credit card or bank account used for these payments.

For any other question, please contact us.