Each sticker will come this instruction sheet.

These easy step instructions will help you to apply your sticker correctly. You will (quickly) see how simple it is.

01 .
On a smooth surface, firmly press the sticker with your scrapper so that it sticks to the application tape.
02 . Using scotch tape to hold it, place the sticker on the wall. The protection paper rests against the wall. The application tape faces outwards, towards you.
03 . Lift part of the application tape (the sticker must come with it) and cut out the protection paper with scissors.
04 . Using the scrapper, firmly press the sticker to the wall. Start at the centre and smooth towards the edges to drive away air bubbles.
05 . Remove the protection paper as the sticker is applied to the wall.

06 . When all the protection paper has been removed, press firmly with the scrapper on the application tape. Ensure the surface of the sticker is completely glued.
07 . Slowly remove the application tape. Tug along the sticker to reveal the motive.

08 . The task is now complete and this is the finished product....

Congratulations... You see, we told you it isn’t diffilcult!


Application : Surfaces must be smooth and clean. Walls must be dust and residue free. Gloss or satin finished paint surfaces are best. The stickers may not adhere correctly to some mat paints. Windows and other objects must be perfectly clean.

We recommend alcohol to remove any hint of dust. Wait for newly cleaned surfaces to dry before applying the sticker. For some designs, stickers can be cut into separate parts and spaced as you want them.

Storage : Store your sticker lying flat or balled-up, in a dry place without sun or damp.
The temperature should not fall below 10C or rise above 25C. Do not store for more than a year.

Warning: Stickers are not toys and should be kept away from children under 3 years of age.