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All the stickers and posters you see here werre created by us. That's why you do found them anywhere else, and why they have this specific style. Fabien is graphic designer and he can design for you logo, identity, colletral, web site... Here comes a selection of projects, you can see more at
My graphic designer letterpress buisness card.
Although I have a logo, I wanted more for my business card. A design that says something about me, and the services I offer, as well as the important "nice to meet you" greeting. Letterpress printing was the best... The design is inspired by the ripple effect we see when we touch water... My message is that whatever we do, it has effects beyond the initial action. We can help you to design and print the same kind of cards.



Truform pools
This project was introduced to me by moreYELLOW. Truform sell amazing pools concepts... They were open to the concept of pushing the lines of identity to create a graphic language. Mixing classy fonts and print techniques as embossing, as well as dirty textures and grungy image work....




Armel's shaker
Armel’s bar was still being constructed when he contacted me. At first, he only asked for wall stickers, but we quickly realised that the best way to decorate a large 6 metre wall was to cover it completely... I created this image and the graphic language of spots, orange circles, vintage images, and font that we can use freely on entrance signage as well as paper communciation tools... A room of the bar was then decorated with stickers, based on old Blue Notes sleeves...




Focus Jazz
LE TRANSFO is an agency that promotes “the regional cultural project”. I was asked to design a CD package to promote local jazz bands... The card sleeve includes a 12 page booklet.




Concrete wave
Another project introduced by moreYELLOW. Concrete Wave designs counter tops, floors and sinks in concrete. Their graphic language was based on the concept "A bold wave of expression"... The final product was enhanced with metalic inks for the blue and gold spots on the brochure and buisness cards.




Philipe Fradin Hata Yoga CD collection
Philippe Fradin asked me to realize a collection of Yoga CDs, compiled to guide his students in their practice of relaxation exercices. He had a fixed budget (low) and he wanted to produce a collection of at least, 8CDs... The challenge was to create the best possible package within budget.

The CDs share the same black sleeve and each CD is colour coded to match a sticker on it’s sleeve.
The CDs were placed on the right, the sleeve on the left, the plastic CD holder was sourced from the United States and the stickers were printed elsewhere... I gathered the components together and, with the help of my wife Frédérique, I produced 50 sets of 10 CDs, 500 discs…. one by one, by one, by one, by one, by one.…………

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