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Elle decoration - april 2009
Ce couple français nous redonne une envie de stickers. Poétiques et raffinées, leurs créations jouent avec les typographies, évoquent les vieilles réclames et s'intègrent dans le décor.

Le carnet : Je n'ai pas forcément l'habitude d'être élogieux dans mes propos mais là on reste dans la catégorie des colleurs, des vrais, des bons !! Si on décidait de donner des notes, la mienne serait toute trouvée !! Mon problème maintenant sera juste de me décider pour savoir ce que je vais devoir acheter...

Divertimento : J'ai eu un vrai coup de coeur en découvrant le travail de ce couple d'artistes, qui ont décidé de méler leur parcours créatifs pour fonder un atelier : Harmonie Intérieure. (...) des stickers d'une poésie et d'une qualité visuelle à couper le souffle ! Ca y'est, j'ai encore envie de refaire la déco !
We made this : Harmonie Intérieure is the fantastic online shop selling delicious designs by French couple Frédérique and Fabien. They've created a stunning range of interior decorations, including large format vinyl stickers, mounted photo prints and posters.

Pink box : I love these images and find myself constantly gravitating towards this derelict yet beautiful and emotive style of design - it’s an especially welcome contrast to the IKEA-esque modern and kitschy styles that are very popular.

Baby Gadget : Do I care that I can't even read all of the words on these wall decals from Harmonie Interieure? No I don't. Both whimsical and charming, the fact that they're in French only adds to their allure.

Decor8 : Just when you think you've seen it all in the world of vinyl wall decals, you discover something that's new and blows you away like Harmonie Intérieure. Together they take their designs and photographs and apply them in the form of wall stickers that are anything but typical. In addition to decals of photos and such, there's also posters, some of the most inspiring imagery I've seen in a long time.

Apartment therapy : We thought we were over wall decals. Then we saw these gorgeous ones from French company Harmonie Interieure, and, well, being suckers for typography... o la la!

Rachel Best Blogs : I made a post about wall decals a week or two ago saying i had never really been very impressed with any, and boy i am biting my tongue now. harmonie intérieure features some of the coolest designs for your walls.

I love the idea of having just a small portion of a room or wall wallpapered, and these decal stickers are perfect for people like me whom are renting homes.

and even more, i love the idea of stenciling letters in a great typography or finding vintage letters and making a collection of them, and these decals use text in a beautiful way.


Mocoloco : In a slightly different take on vinyl decals for the home, these works are more typographic, symbolic and often art like.

Flare magazine / May 2008 issue
Harmonie intérieure has all the goods you need to give pad that certain "je ne sais quoi". It makes French fabulosity just a click away. By Stephanie Skenderis.

Designformankind : It's no surprise that decals have been all the rage for the past five years, but gracious--- I was really beginning to doubt the longevity of the trend. Until now.

It's so inspiring to see a new take on the tired norm. I'm so grateful that someone with such a honed graphical eye has stepped up to the plate to offer a more unique selection.

Anyway, I could rant forever about my love for these decals, but instead, I'll just say thank you to Mr. Fabien, for making our apartments and temporary residences a bit more fabulous.


Storm from the east : Fabien and Frédérique are taking graphic design in a new, refreshing and creative direction by using it as home decoration. Their range of vinyl stickers, posters and pictures can transform even the drabbest dwelling - or office - into an art space with a few carefully placed designs.


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