About us

The workshop grew from our experiences decorating our own home. We want to use decorative stickers differently, we want to give them spirit... Passionate about typography, we create collections, not only to decorate and harmonise, but also to send a message about your home.... your personal space. We want to create a harmonie space, we create inside harmonie (“harmonie intérieure”).

We are a married couple, we are parents... creative by nature. Frédérique inspired by nature, passionate about the history of art and home decoration..... Fabien a graphic designer creating concepts and images to sell corporate identities and products, he is now realising a dream to create images for what they are : A source of emotions. Our differences blend to compliment each other and create something new and exciting. Like Yin And Yang, combining to create a unity of opposites in perfect harmony....

This is our home
Some years ago, we buy this old hous in french country, near a river. Thaïs loves to play there with our 4 cats...
The kitchen
We customise our ugly fridge ;)
Thaïs room
Our bedroom
Other places...
Photo taken by Fabien & Denis Pourcher