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Imaginary moments 3

Following the success of the 2 first "Imaginary moments" posters we put on sell a third creation. As all the other posters sold on Harmonie intérieure, it is a limited edition of 100 copies, hand numbered printed on 250g paper.

And as a good news never come alone, we propose you a special offer : buy 2 "Imaginary moments" posters and get the 3td free (same size).

This collection of posters are exclusive creation done by Fabien Barral, based on Frédérique Barral water color works. The imaginary moments is this special moment where you are what you create, or whatever surround you do not exist and you are one with the creation...



Just married

A lot of people ask for this sticker ;) We are happy to said it is now on sell.

We design this sticker for a friend's wedding. We put it on their car during the after wedding party, and they had a nice surprise when they found it... They told us they had a lot of success on the road during following weeks... Perfect if you what to offer something special, which is not on the list ;)

As you can see on this picture, the best color choise is white, it will be the best to saw it as the inside of the car is always dark... but as for all our stickers you can choose any other color.

Important : the longest you will leave it on the car, the harder it would be to remove. It is the only way to have a sticker on a glass...



New "stentences" stickers...

Some new stickers we add to our collection, to let your walls speak for you...



The excelsior hôtel

These are the first room we decorate for the excelsior hôtel in Paris. We would soon seel this fabric wall decoration, we create a new brand for that For more pictures, please check our flickr...



Where we design

This is the office we organize on our country side home...




Working on a new project

We are currently working on the decoration of the Excelsior hotel in Paris, with our design printed on fabric. If you want to follow this projec, please check our flickr...



Your home with our stickers...

We are pleased to said the calendars have all found a home ;) Thanks to all for your orders... Also, we now have to came back to the stickers ;) Here come some stickers send by our creative clients... thanks a lot..

The ABCD sticker send by Roberto from Lausanne.

And the Possible / Impossible sticker from Candy black studio.




Happy new year !!!

First of all, we wish you and all the people you love and wonderfull new year, full of passion, creativity and harmony.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but have to admit we focus on the letterpress calendar for the past month (and eating a lot of chocolate too)... They will be send soon, but it is still available if you want to get a copy...

Some pictures :


Please notice only order done before december 25th will get the cards and extra...

Get more pictures and details on all the process on



The letterpress calendar

It is always a pleasure when a project came to life... When I design this calendar, I first want to sell it via the harmonie interieure web site, but I think it deserves its own web site as it is really a project done with the help of Marek at Lettera Magica... and I really want this dedicated it to graphic designers...

So, you can now order your copy at

This is a project I have in mind for a long time, developing of the "graphic designers" sentences I done for posters or wall stickers into a book... But Marek, from letteramagica, after proposing me to design the coasters earlier this year, as me if we could associate each other to do a calendar. So I jump on the proposal...

The idea is to have a card for each month, each one printed in 2 colors, one black, one depending on the season... Blues for winter, green for spring...

For the moment, we need money to produce it, the reason why this is just a presale web site. It will be only printed at 300 copies, and we need to sell first issue to pay the production costs... Do not worry, we will produce it anyway, even if it cost us some money, we want to have it in our hands as much as you do...

As a lot of people ask me how to get other letterpress stuffs I have done, you can also order one of the 15 coasters sets and one of the 40 Home sweet home cards with the calendar, so be hurry...


Also, with all the orders, you will get the small designers stickers as well as my buisness cards (including the new split fountain one) & Harmonie interieure cards...


So, order your full print package now ;)
Frédérique's raku pottery

Frédérique amazed me with the pottery she did last week during an internship...

Possible / Impossible / Miracles

Because it always something I feel in my everyday designer life...

On sell now...
The letterpress coasters

This is a pormotional set we design with our letterpress poland printer...


They are not for sell for the moment but maybe in a near future....


New Home

Yes, we quiet our nice Auvergne home to come a new part of France last year... in fact it is the second time we move, but so much to do ;) Now we found this very nice place, with amazing garden, and the biggest office we never have... Always good when you work from home... Here come some pictures, you can see that cats seems to like the newt place...



The workshop grew from our experiences decorating our own home. We want to use decorative stickers differently, we want to give them spirit... Passionate about typography, we create collections, not only to decorate and harmonise, but also to send a message about your home.... your personal space. We want to create a harmonie space, we create inside harmonie (“harmonie intérieure”).
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